Issue 02 – Resist Issue 02 – Resist

Issue 02 – Resist

Not For Print Issue 02 — Resist challenges today’s status quo, moves beyond the obvious and becomes “the mirror of our betrayed ideals” and “the hammer with which to shape” a better reality.

Here and now, more than ever, we need the artists, designers, creators, the thinkers — the doers. We need to lead with work and ideas that challenge unacceptable social norms and that reflect the world we wish to see and experience for generations to come. When Ello says Resist, we mean that together we possess the power to act as gatekeepers of a better vision, a vision to withstand and to serve as proof against the people, ideas and movements that draw us backwards rather than propel us forwards.

We need not accept ill conceived thoughts, ideas and policies. We need not comply with the powers that be. We must rise up and resist the temptations of complacency to build the inclusive and prosperous future we desire.

Art is the Mirror of our betrayed ideals.